The “Hellenic Neuro-Oncology Society” announces the creation of the “Radiosurgery Group of the Hellenic Neuro-Oncology Society” (Radiosurgery Group-Hellenic NeuroOncology Society).

The aim of the team is to promote the method of Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS), while contributing to the definition and updating of indications as well as to the dissemination of its applications, for correct and reasonable use of the treatment, based on international literature and clinical experience.

In addition, one of the main goals of the team is the continuing training of the interdisciplinary team of neurosurgeons, radiotherapists, oncologists and radiophysicists in the field of stereotactic radiosurgery. Special attention will be given to education of residents, new specialists Radiation Oncologists and Physicists.

The president of the Hellenic Neuro-Oncology Society is the professor of neurosurgery of EKPA George Strantzalis and the head of the radiosurgery team is the Radiation  Oncologist Boskos Christos.